lac de bouillouses & Carlit By €1 bus

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Days out From Ria Sirach Apartments

Leaving Prades at 07.35 am and outside Ria Sirach Apartments at 07.40 am the €1 bus will take you to Mont Louis. Sit on the left hand of bus up for some amazing scenery.  From Mont Louis there a free connection will take you to the reception car park at Lac de Bouillouses. From there a paid navette  (€5 aller retour) takes you to the reservoir. Great place to spend a summer’s day especially as it’s several degrees cooler. There are numerous places to have a picnic or several restaurants to have lunch. There are many marked  walks with some beautiful scenery taking you on a tour of the lakes. Another feature is the many wild horses. The cable lifts also operate all summer long taking you down to Font Romeu


Carlit at 2921m is the highest mountain in Pyrenees Orientales. While mostly a straightforward trek it does get a little tricky near the top. It involves some climbing and scrabbling over rocks and the path is easy to lose. However it is well worth it. The view from the top is just magnificent. Whats more the first ascent of Carlit was  by an Irishman ( Henry Russell) in 1864.  From memory the return trip from Lac de Bouillouses was around 14 km and took about 6.30 – 7 hours

Ria Sirach Apartments Prades

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